Self Supporting Shelter Systems


Our self supporting shelter systems are an ideal response to a pandemic like the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Our shelter systems can serve as isolation wards, containment shelters, and flex space for medical professionals.

They remain intermodal for their lifetime, and are self-supporting which means the “Control Shelters” include Kohler generators and 77+ gallon fuel cells.

Our “Satellite Shelters” are powered on a “plug and play” basis with existing shore power or generators users might have on site.

Lastly, our 40’ ISO Control and Satellite Shelter are customizable as a Command Shelter, CBERN Shelter, TOC Shelter, Military Shelter or specialty Non-Expandable Shelter for a huge variety of missions.

We also can provide containerized water purifications systems, power plants, laundry kitchen and shower facilities.

All of our ISO Shelters are MADE IN THE USA.

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  • Rear View of Two Single Door and One Double Door ISO Shelter System