Our Shelter System has a quick stand up time of less than 30 minutes that requires only one person, no skills, no tools, and just a simple hand-held 12V power inverter to start the generator on its first deployment.

We offer two kinds of Shelters:
Our Control Shelter is a 40’ double-door shelter that houses a custom-built diesel generator and fuel cell cabinet (a “GenSet”) on one end. Typically, our Control Shelters are powered by a 22 KW/60 HZ Kohler generator with a 77+ gallon fuel cell. Less or more powerful generators are available depending upon your project. The Control Shelter serves as the power plant for any number of Satellite Shelters via 75’ long conduit cables that plug and play with Satellite Shelters. This allows for simple and easy deployment of our Shelter System with no tools or skilled labor. Control Shelters have interior dimensions of 396” x 81” or 33’ x 6.75’.

Our Satellite Shelter is a 40’ single-door shelter powered using a rapidly deployable, all-weather conduit cable with Twist-Lock L-1430-P plugs that extend from the Control Shelter. Each Satellite Shelter is grounded at all times using removable, 6’ solid copper grounding rods.

Both Control and Satellite Shelters each include premium building materials, dimmable lighting, a 100 AMP fuse box, lockable steel door, vinyl sliding-glass window, an ABC fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, CO2 detector and motion-detecting, indoor/outdoor flood lights mounted above the entrances and GenSet Cabinet for use at night.

All of our Shelters are outfitted with an over-sized 22500 BTU Energy Star rated heating/cooling wall unit that is controlled inside each Shelter, making the ISO Shelter System workspace comfortable in the most extreme climates. All Shelters are fully insulated and built with 1/8” FRP Panels, and include eight 110V outlets with USB charging receptacles and marquee LED lights. The exterior doors of each Shelter are secured with heavy-duty titanium locks. Each exterior door is outfitted with CAM-style locking rods, stainless steel in the jams, and fully sealed 36” x 80” metal-framed, rubber gaskets to keep interior contents dry at all time. The vinyl framed interior steel doors and vinyl framed, gas-insulated, lever style windows also help keep the workspaces mold-free while in storage or during transport.


  • Outside dims IC70
  • Heavy Duty CAM Locks
  • Corten Steel- ABS Rated ISO
  • 11500 BTU Euro Style Door Handle
  • 360 Rubber Door Flanges Hermetically Seal Each Shelter When Closed